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ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING - 2014 of Consortium of Indian Petroleum Dealers (AGM - 2014 of CIPD) Host by Punjab Petroleum Dealers Association (PPDA)
LIVE on 19th Apr-14 at 10:30 Hrs. IST

GAGGU BUA (Tarn Taran)
Religious Smamagm and Kabaddi Matches
LIVE on 7th May-14 at 09:30 Hrs. IST

BRISBANE (Australia)
Kabaddi cup by Brisbane Kabaddi Club
LIVE on May-14 at 11:30 Hrs. AEST

Kabaddi Cup 2014
LIVE on Jun-14 at 11:30 Hrs. AEST

MELBOURNE (Australia)
Kabaddi Cup by Young Sports Club
LIVE on Jul-14 at 11:30 Hrs. AEST

SYDNEY (Australia)
Kabaddi Cup by Dasmesh sports Club
LIVE on Aug-14 at 11:30 Hrs. AEST

BRISBANE (Australia)
Kabaddi Cup by Malwa Club
LIVE on September 2014 at 11:30 Hrs. AEST

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